• 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Simply apply at night and remove in the morning
  • Most users see noticeable results within 7 days!
  • No side effects
  • Caffeine free


Q:  Will wearing SlimPatch affect my sleep?

A: Absolutely not!  The subtle changes in metabolism and digestion are not enough to cause insomnia or sleeping problems.

Q:  Where do I put the patch?

A:  Before going to bed at night, peel the plastic backing off the patch and stick it centered directly below the belly button.

Q: How many patches do I need?

A:  One patch per night!  Our SlimPatches come in packages of 10 or 30, and this equals out to less than $1 per day!

Q:  Can I speed up my results?

A:  Typically, yes!  Our patches are designed to help create a calorie deficit, which means burning more calories than you take in.  Daily exercise and a healthy diet can significantly increase your results!