Message from the CEO: SlimPatch Rebranding

SlimPatchCorp Product Updates

In an effort to be transparent and upfront with our customers and retailers, I am writing this message to announce branding changes to our current SlimPatch product and give reasoning and clarification behind our decision to do so.  Please keep in mind that this change does NOT affect our other products (the PainPatch, PainPatch Cream, or SmokePatch).

In the three months since our public launch, we have sold hundreds of packages of our flagship product- SlimPatch, which has been marketed and sold as a weight loss enhancement aid.  After collecting user feedback, we learned that our product simply was not as effective as our pre-launch trials had shown- and a large enough percentage of our customers were not achieving the results they were expecting.

As a company formed with integrity, honesty, and a focus on helping others we deem it inappropriate and immoral to continue to sell SlimPatch as a weight loss related product.  In the process of collecting feedback, we were informed by our customers that the SlimPatch performs exponentially better in another application- as a natural relief for pain, bloating, and cramping related to endometriosis, ovulation, and menstruation in women.  We conducted a new clinical trial and the results proved that this application is a much better fit for our product.

SlimPatch, as a company, has ceased active marketing of our weight loss line effective immediately.  We have also posted a link to this announcement on the product pages, and we will be putting the SlimPatch packages on clearance until sold through to make inventory room for the newly branded variation of the product.

For those that have had success with SlimPatch as a weight loss product, rest assured that you we will continue to provide the same formulation and product- but it will be under a new name in the near future.  This change is being implemented as soon as possible- as we are a company that believes and relies on building trust with our customers.  If you were in the group that did not get the results you were looking for with SlimPatch, we sincerely apologize and invite you to reach out to our support team for a full refund of your purchase.

It was never our intent, nor will it ever be, to mislead or take advantage of people.  As a new product and a new company, we were overly confident in our first product- and we remain so, only in a different capacity.  We will continue to research and develop healthy and safe alternatives, and sincerely hope our customers continue to provide the valuable feedback that led us to this decision- because that is the only way we can continue to improve.  Thank you all for the support, social media shares, word of mouth recommendations, and kind spirited messages- we love our customers and cannot wait to hear from more of you as we grow!