New Products In Development: Pain Cream & SlimPatch Sensitive Skin

SlimPatchCorp Product Updates

As our PainPatch and SmokePatch begin to ship out to our customers, our product development team remains hard at work coming up with new products!  We have developed a lotion/skin cream for pain relief that includes the same ingredients as our industry-sweeping PainPatch, and have submitted it to the FDA for approval!  As soon as we hear back from the government to ensure our new product is safe to use we will be conducting both clinical and non-clinical trials to determine and verify the effectiveness.

If you would like to participate in the trials, please send us a message!  We are also accepting a limited number of professionals to have their patients or customer bases participate in the trials (chiropractors, rheumatologists, sports medicine professionals, and physical therapists to name a few examples).

We have also begun initial safety testing for our new SlimPatch for sensitive skin.  The new patches will be released once we can confirm they are as effective as our original!  The new patches use a water-based gel adhesive rather than the plant resin currently used in order to prevent rashes and help moisturize the skin while also making the backing easier to remove and less painful to take off in the morning.

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone that has supported us in this new venture!  As our team grows and we work out all the website glitches, rest assured that we are constantly taking our customers’ feedback and adjusting our company, products, and future plans so we can continue bringing safe, affordable, effective, and natural products to market that help others.  We look forward to attending more public events this year so we can meet more of you face-to-face and learn your personal stories!