SlimPatch began with a simple mission:  to provide effective, safe, and affordable solutions to improve health without side effects, health complications, or risks.

My name is Kyle, and I am the CEO & Founder of SlimPatch.  I worked hard labor jobs my entire life- firefighting and landscaping on the side, but after suffering a back injury, I was forced to work desk jobs.  I packed on some weight, had severe pain, and many health complications from the medications I was put on.

I started a number of companies and found success in marketing, and was extremely fortunate to retire at the very early age of 31.  As my children entered full-time school I found myself bored and began traveling for my wife’s company, that took me to Asia, South America, and many other areas of the globe.

On these trips, I ended up growing a huge network of friends from all different cultures- many in the healthcare industry.  Over time, I discussed my weight problems, chronic pain and muscle aches, and the concerns I had about traditional Western medicine.  Although I am a person confident in healthcare and science, I learned about holistic treatments passed down from ancient civilizations still being used in many other cultures that were completely unheard of in America- and decided to give these alternative suggestions from my friends a try.

Our first product was what has now become the SlimPatch- a natural metabolism booster worn overnight to help burn excess calories before they can be stored as fat in your body.  I personally ended up losing nearly 50 pounds, had more energy, and overall simply felt better.  I realized that there were millions of other people in a similar position- with physical limitations making it difficult to perform a physical workout routine and brought the SlimPatch to market.

A couple of months later, we developed and released a duo of products- the PainPatch and the SmokePatch.  Both patches out-performed their everyday competition by extreme numbers; from effectiveness, safety, and price.  This release brought a demand for a pain relief cream, which is currently slated for release in March, 2019 and has been tested to not only be the strongest and fastest acting pain relief cream available in the US without a prescription, but also caters to those that are unhappy with the skin sensations or cooling effects most brands have.

Today, SlimPatch continues it’s research and development and is actively working on formulas and patents that cross into other industries outside of healthcare- including household uses and outdoor sports solutions.  We also have begun 2019 with a new secondary purpose- supporting local teams, organizations, and events while also making a resolution to donate 20% of our annual profits to research charities in the USA.  Our goals and morals remain the same- to provide better alternatives for less, and to help improve and save the lives of those around us.

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