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PLEASE CLICK LINK AND READ PRIOR TO PURCHASE:  SlimPatch is being discontinued and re-branded

Introducing the SlimPatch!  The all natural, safest, and easiest way to boost your metabolism, detoxify, and shed excess water weight- all while you sleep and for less than $1 a day!

Simply apply one of the comfortable cotton patches directly below your belly-button before going to bed!  Most users see visible results within 10 days!

SlimPatch is made from 100% all natural ingredients, is side-effect free, and is based on homeopathic medicine practices from ancient cultures across the world.  The patch itself is bio-degradable and made entirely from renewable plant based products.

Package Contains: 30 Single-use patches (One month)

Ingredients: Mint, Tree Resin (Adhesive), Phytoncide, Natural mineral powder, Natural essential oil blend

Directions For Use:  Peel clear film backing from patch and apply directly below the navel at bedtime.  Remove in the morning upon waking.

Warnings:  Stop usage if you encounter abdominal pains, faint feelings, or skin irritation.  Product is not recommended or safe for pregnant women, the elderly, or children without consulting a physician.  Patch is for external use only and can pose a choking hazard if swallowed.

Storage Info:  Keep product in a cool and dry place.  Do not store above 104 degrees Fahrenheit or allow product to freeze.  Keep SlimPatch products in a sealed bag until use to retain potency and freshness.

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